Upselling 101: How to increase your AOV

Services cross-sells tend to have a higher take rate, but lower revenues per item
  • Bundle or frequently bought together is actually a type of a cross-sell when you offer a combination of products as a bundle for a better price. You could’ve already seen this type of cross-selling on Amazon.
frequently bought together
Former bundling system on Amazon
Product page
“Checkbox” cross-sells on
  • Cart upsell/ cross-sell is an excellent choice when you have too many products with low value, which can’t be upsold individually. Some products work best if you try to upsell them in the cart, for example, subscription-based complementary products like an interesting newsletter for your niche, or services like premium shipping, incognito parcel, etc.
  • Post-purchase upsell is great because you don’t risk anything after the payment and your customer is still in buyer’s fewer. Here you can offer a service, for example, gift packaging. It’s great to add some smaller complementary products. You can also use a cross-sell offer with the same product, but with a discount and enhanced social pressure within the copy(1+1 type of deal). Pop-ups work post-purchase because the pop-up creates a sense of urgency. Lastly, upsells after checkout can be effective only if you use one-click payment. It doesn’t matter how you make it work, but if the customers have to type in their payment info again, it’s just a terrible experience, and they probably won’t buy.
  • Exit offer is the opposite situation than the post-purchase. You probably lost this customer, but you have one last chance to give him something interesting. But firstly, do your math, if your users need more visits to buy something and they tend to spend more time on your page, try something else first. On the other hand, if you have a significant bounce rate, let’s test the exit offer. Try to find something that will catch your customer’s attention and work with their LTV too. Sometimes it’s better to catch that customer, even if the revenue is not so big at first. Pop-ups work with exit offer the same way as in post-purchase upselling, which means that they bring a sense of urgency. This is the right time to push, so don’t be afraid to test out more aggressive communication.




Akohub provides Advanced Retargeting app to boost ROI for e-commerce merchants. Our app on Shopify are trusted by 5000+ brands:

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Akohub Team

Akohub Team

Akohub provides Advanced Retargeting app to boost ROI for e-commerce merchants. Our app on Shopify are trusted by 5000+ brands:

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