How to run cross-channel retargeting campaigns?

As an e-commerce merchant, you might have experience seeing a large number of visitors on your website but at the end of the day resulting in no sales.

Cross-Channel Retargeting

It’s always frustrating. But don’t worry. You’re not alone! The issue sometimes is not from your website or products. According to the statistics, 98% of website visitors do not place an order when they first visit a website. It’s actually from our human nature. People are used to being distracted from tons of unexpected and tedious stuff anytime, like receiving your friend’s instant messages, thinking about replying an important email or being disrupted by a colleague for a meeting. Therefore, a very critical action for an e-commerce merchant is to remind those website abandoners with timely content across channels. It’s called cross-channel retargeting.

Retargeting on Social Media

There are many common marketing tricks on social media. One of the most promising and effective ways to rescue your abandoned carts is retargeting through social media platforms. After setting up the retargeting process, you’re able to deliver the beautiful creatives that promote the exact same products your site visitors have just viewed on your online store along with a few similar products to various social media channels like Facebook news feed, Instagram feed, Facebook Messenger feed, or Google display network. It’s so powerful because there are over 2 billion people surfing on Facebook, Google, or Instagram everyday, so you’re likely able to capture almost all of your website visitors and remind them with timely manners. If you haven’t tried it, Ako Retargeting app is a powerful tool that can help you set up Facebook retargeting campaigns within minutes without coding.

Retargeting via Email

Retargeting via Email

In addition to social media, E-mail retargeting is also one of the most common and critical ways to get your potential customers back to your website. After setting a few retargeting rules, you’re able to deliver the reminder emails on autopilot and increase your sales easily. If you want to increase the conversion rates of your email campaigns, you have to take care of your content and email layout pretty well. Spently app is one of the promising tools that provides lots of useful and conversion-driven email templates for your email marketing campaigns. It allows you to adjust and design the email content that fits your store perfectly. By using the attractive emails for your prospects, you will spark their interest and trust. These actions can make you increase your sales and add value to your branding process. Besides the providing templates, Spently lets you track your performance of your templates easily.

Once you set up your retargeting campaigns across marketing channels, you will not fail to lose your website visitors who haven’t finished checkout.

Leverage as many channels as possible

Let people see your brand and products everywhere in appropriate time! Try to use as many channels as you can. From social media to emails, you can build an omni-channel solution that optimizes your conversion rates. The more active you are, the more you will reach, the more you will sell.

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Akohub provides Advanced Retargeting app to boost ROI for e-commerce merchants. Our app on Shopify are trusted by 5000+ brands:

Akohub provides Advanced Retargeting app to boost ROI for e-commerce merchants. Our app on Shopify are trusted by 5000+ brands: