How to Increase Sales This Mother’s Day for Your Shopify Store

Mother’s Day is a special day to make your role model feel special. We’re not only talking about your mom, but also your aunt, wife, grandma, stepmom, daughter, sister or even a beloved friend.

Even though we are grateful for them all year, during Mother’s Day, they deserve to be extra spoiled! What better way to do this than buying gifts and spending time with your loved ones?

According to the National Retail Federation, last year recorded $23.1 billion in sales during Mother’s Day. This year make shopping on your site the best experience possible. However, during this difficult time, people don’t want to go to a physical store but still want to give a small detail to their loved ones.

In this post, we’ll give you some tips to navigate this situation through eCommerce/online sales before and during mother’s day. So your customers can still give a nice detail with their loved ones and your business can keep afloat.


One strategy is to show them options on a budget such as “Gifts under…” so it’s easier for them to accommodate their budget with the gift. Remember to target different demographics and price points. As well as show nice pictures of your products and how they can combine them.

Gift Cards

In any of these situations, gift cards are gifts that won’t disappoint and are really easy to obtain. While flowers are still the dominant gift selection for Mother’s Day, gift cards remain an option for 45% of the shoppers.

Especially nowadays that people can’t go out as often as before, they are looking to buy gift cards, giving or using gift cards is really convenient and saves time for your customers and recipients.

Gift cards are not just for your customers but it helps you increase sales and brand awareness. You can use Gift Card promotions and incentives such as discounted Gift Cards, or Buy One Get One Gift Cards to be sure your customers will come back for more.

Email Campaign

Make sure to customize your campaign according to your customers’ needs and wants and help them decide what to buy. There are many different types of email campaigns you can use to let your customers know about your products during this time of the year.

You Can Even Take it One Step Further

  • Countdown — Add to your email campaign a countdown so your customers know all about your special limited time offers
  • Promotional Email — let your customers know about mother’s day special deals and offers.
  • Personalized Emails — Let your customers know about special deals and offers, depending on their wants and needs during Mother’s Day — personalized emails have an open rate of 18.8%.


Upselling works 60–70% of the time, once customers agree to pay a certain price, it is easier to convince them to pay more. For this Mother’s Day, incorporate some upselling as your customers may be looking to give as much as they can to the special woman in their lives.

Recover Abandoned Carts

However, a remarketing campaign is the most effective strategy that makes your visitors who abandoned their carts return to your site. In other words, it helps you get your potential customers’ attention by delivering the most relevant product information through their Facebook or Instagram.

This will remind them about the products, why they liked them in the first place and redirect them to your website.

Akohub provides an advanced retargeting app that helps Shopify merchants build retargeting campaigns on autopilot. It not only optimizes your retargeting audience strategy based on your website traffic and visitor behavior but lets you customize your ad creatives, targeting audiences/channels and the product catalog you want to highlight.

Happy Mother’s Day!


Pammela Murphy, Content Marketing & Partnerships, Akohub

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