How do I set my retargeting campaign?

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3 min readDec 21, 2016


Before campaign creation

To start the retargeting campaign, you need to install Ako Retargeting in advance. Check How to install Ako Retargeting? for more.

Create your own retargeting campaign now!

You can create your campaign the instant you installed Ako Retargeting. Once the installment process is done, press “Get started” on the plan you chose, and you will see this page:

To create your retargeting campaign you have to set a daily budget. The amount you spent on daily budget is your free choice — however, depending on the plan you chose there will be a maximum ad spent set for you. Ako Retargeting also provides its suggestion on what would be the best budget to reach the highest ROI, based on the amount of customers you have.

Content of your campaign

Our retargeting campaign adopts carousel ad format with multiple scrollable product images. The content of your retargeting campaigns is decided by your website visitors’ behavior. Different customers will see different products that they have viewed or added to their cart before. You only need to decide what text content you would like to deliver to your audiences, e.g. “Check your favourite products here!”.

While setting up your campaign, you can see your campaign preview where you can edit the “Ad Message” and see how the ads would look like with the product images on your website. If you are satisfied, click “Create Campaign”.

Now, your retargeting campaign has been created. You will see this notification:

It will take approximately 5 days before your retargeting campaign will be activated. The reason behind this is that Ako Retargeting wants to make sure your audience is big enough, thus providing a higher chance for your campaign to perform effectively. If you don’t have a large audience, no need to panic! During those five days Ako Retargeting will build an audience group for you.

Check your dashboard

Now that your campaign has been created, you can check its performance on your dashboard easily.

Have you ever heard of Facebook retargeting campaign? If you want to set it up for your own website, try Ako Retargeting to get it done automatically!

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