5 essential Shopify apps to increase 2020 Christmas sales

Following the impact of the pandemic, it’s clear that the growth of online portals can be seen across categories. With customers shifting online to remain strong, data and forecasts on 2020 e-commerce Christmas sales are seen to be more bullish than in the past. Big four consulting firm Deloitte predicts this year’s online holiday retail sales to rise between 25% to 35%. In addition to this, market research company, Dynata found nearly two-thirds of the 1,000 adult shoppers surveyed (62%) planned to do all their holiday shopping online. However, with the uncertainty around the economy, people are being more mindful of their spending. The decision to purchase is now greatly determined and influenced by which online-retailer offers the best online proposition. Having all this in mind, explore the following essential Shopify apps that could help your business emphasize the value delivered to your customers in the most wonderful time of the year!

Ako Retargeting

Once you drive a great amount of traffic and build up your audience base, it’s time for you to convert them into real purchasers with retargeting campaigns. Ako retargeting offers various types of retargeting campaigns that could help you achieve your business objectives. After installing the app, it will automatically recommend an advertising package that consists of multiple retargeting campaigns based on the traffic of your online store and your business profile. From delivering ad creatives within different time frames using sequential retargeting to re-engaging with cart abandoners with Dynamic Product Retargeting ads, the App not only provides the convenience of generating and updating your product catalog daily. It also optimizes and reduces your cost by delivering retargeting ads at the right time, right impression, and right cost. Start your 14 days free trial and boost your purchase conversions!


Promotions are not always about first-time sales. With Personizely, you can offer exclusive deals to your existing customers that already made a specific purchase or spent a certain amount on your website before. Offering Christmas promotions especially for them can make them feel extra special and value purchasing at your store more than your competitors. Creating a sense of feeling that it was built just for them.

Aside from this Christmas season that’s right around the corner, Personizely can also help you customize your offerings depending on the geographical region your website is accessed from and during other different celebrations and holidays. Furthermore, the app also offers the “fear of missing out” feature. With countdown, bold colors and a catchy slogan on a good offer works wonders, could add a sense of urgency to your Christmas sales. A great tactic to convince your customers to make the purchase now rather than later. If you are looking for methods to establish a stronger relationship with your customer and achieve higher sales, this might just be the app for your business!


The App comes with 3 pop-up games (spin wheel, slot machine, and scratch card) and a ton of useful features like exit intent, campaign analytics, unique coupon generation, scarcity counter to boost FOMO, A/B testing, etc. Moreover, it allows you to launch a Spin Wheel Pop-up in minutes, collect 4x e-mails compared to classic “10% OFF” pop-ups, and drive more users to buy right away. Incorporating gamification allows you to deliver offers that feel fresh and compelling and build up a holiday season vibe that excites and elevates user experience on your website. It elicits strong emotions as it taps into the drive to strive, compete, and improve.


  • Profit Report: Determine gross profit for any given time period and compare to previous periods.
  • Checkout Report: Identify checkout problems and streamline the process.
  • SEO Report: Obtain revenue amount from organic search results.
  • Paid Search Report: Identify revenue from paid search.
  • Facebook Report: Revenue of purchases driven from Facebook advertising
  • In-app insights that guide you to greater profitability and so much more!

Using the available hard data on hand and monitoring your Facebook Advertisements, Conversific can help your business to agile and greatly improve sales this Christmas. Understand how your campaigns performed vs. costs, using the return on ad spending (ROAS) to eliminate distortions of seasonal trends. Make better business strategies and advertising decisions.

Proof Factor One Plus (One+)

Proof Factor One Plus bundles 8 of the most powerful conversion techniques in one app. It offers social proof notification that genuinely captures your visitors’ attention with recent sale notifications, establishing a brand trustworthiness and a sense of urgency to purchase. Furthermore, it allows you to combine the use of gamification like better coupon boxes and spin wheel with pop-ups to collect customers information (email, phone, birthday) before they leave your site. Leveraging the captured information, you can carry out SMS and email marketing. Inform your customers and subscribers with your latest product updates and christmas promotions. Make your customer more subtle and genuine to recover abandoned carts, purchase on their first visit or even repurchase again.

End strong


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