2,000% ROI of your marketing campaign is possible! Here are three ways you can achieve it.

1. Rather than pumping all of your money into regular Facebook Ads, invest some on a Facebook retargeting campaign at the same time!

Did you know that a retargeting campaign will cost you less money than a regular Facebook Ads campaign? Not only that, the power of it is HUGE! Have you ever encountered the problem that a potential customer visited your website but didn’t log in nor did he/she put anything in his/her shopping cart? How are you going to reach that person?

2. Set up your target audience group correctly!

An effective target audience setting is crucial. When you are setting your target audience, make sure you do not only choose age and location, instead, you should set up “interests” based on the habits of your target audience.

3. Invest your money on product photography, not coupons.

We see it all the time; website owners try to make sales through offering coupon codes right when you’re about to leave their website. Is it effective? In some cases, but here’s a better way to attract customers to your store.

Akohub provides Advanced Retargeting app to boost ROI for e-commerce merchants. Our app on Shopify are trusted by 5000+ brands: https://akohub.me/mdm

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